1886 X Tantora

This year, we plan to highlight our consumers experience from the design process to the shopping experience. Therefore we proudly collaborated with AlUla.
“Winter at Tantora offers its visitors an exceptional opportunity to enjoy unearthed archaeological and natural sites, which are among the most important in the world,” said Amr Al-Madani, CEO of the Royal Commission for AlUla.”
to ensure rapid, effective, and authentic items that allow us to be extremely close to our customers around the world.
Our vision implies in “living the moment” inspired by every magical experience provided in AlUla between the Maraya Concert Hall and Elephant rock to Mada’in saleh and Hegra.
We chose every element of creation carefully to meet this spectacular place, therefore, the element of visual design that has been defined as Ancient North Arabian scripts and languages (best seen at nearby Jabal ‘lkmah).
You can get your hands on it exclusively in " Winter At TANTORA " .


  • تابي وتمارا ربا..
    عموما الله يعينكم

    كنت بشتري -
  • كلام بلا اسلوب منمق ككتاباتكم

    الصور على الملابس حرام
    تصوير النساء حرام
    التشبه بالكفار حرام
    الأغاني حرام

    وكل ما يحرمك من نعيم الاخرة او يؤدي لعقاب هو حسرة وندم وان كان يسمى نجاح في الدنيا..

    هـ -

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